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Food for Thought

Let's take you on a culinary journey with Dr. Jae Choi! As you may have seen him on DDD with Guy Fieri or on social media sharing his love for crafting up delicious + savory dishes that reflect his love for Asian flare! For Dr. Jae, he is all about breaking barriers and bringing his passion to life!  It all started in the '80s when young Jae and his family immigrated to the United States from South Korea. As a young boy his palette was not yet seasoned with American cuisine, so once he tried his first slice of Pizza, he thought to himself, American food is “weird". During his early childhood ages, he began exploring his taste for the culinary world with his mother and grandmother. He would have mini culinary adventures in the kitchen with his family when making "Mandoo"(Korean Dumplings) and cooking for around special holidays such as mother's day.  After sharing his dreams of attending culinary school with his father, his father told him they didn't immigrate to America for his son to become a cook. At this moment, Jae realized he would have to put his dream on hold and dive into another journey which led him down the medical path. Over the years he realized his father's wishes didn't stop him from becoming a chef; yet the success from his medical journey and thriving optical practice allowed him to explore his taste in the culinary world by visiting various regions, learning about their culture, seasonings, and techniques. Throughout the years, his love for cooking didn't fade; it grew into a passionate drive to have many more insatiable moments that he could share with others.  His dreams become a reality through many inspirational moments, such as meeting his culinary mentor, Chef G Garvin! Chef Garvin not only gave him support within the culinary world but also guided him. In those many insatiable moments, Jae decided to take one of his many dreams into a reality by opening up a restaurant. In 2017, an opportunity knocked on his door, which led him to purchase Yakitori Jinbei! Over the years he's been giving people a new way to see through their lens, now he's showing people a new way to envision the culinary scene through his eyes. Join him on your next culinary adventure with him and his team, taste your way through Korean and twist of Japanese cuisine.
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