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Let us take your taste buds on a culinary journey through the eyes of Culinary Dr. Jae Choi! Under new ownership, Yakitori Jinbei will be giving you a new look into Asian cuisine! As you enter into a new culinary scene in Smyrna, GA, dine with a fresh palate and open mind. From the moment our lovely team greets you to your server gifting you with a complimentary cup of our signature green tea, and tasting your way through our spices and authentic flare! Let our team take you on a culinary adventure to remember with our heart of the house which is lead by Culinary Dr. Jae as he prepares various dishes including his famous Ramens with his passionate crew behind these kitchen doors.  They pride themselves in each item they cook for you with fresh ingredients, authentic spices, marinated meats, and topping off various items with vibrant garnishes.

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